Devils Night

Devil's Night

The history of Devil's Night in Detroit has not been a good one. It has been plagued with petty criminal behavior, vandalism, egging, toilet papering trees, and arson. In 1994 a group of Detroit officials established Angels Night on October 30th to help put an end to the vandalism that was accruing every year. With the help of the former mayor Dennis Archer, the crime rate began to drop on Devil's Night. Each year around 50,000 volunteers patrolled the city of Detroit and were successful in curving the crime rate substantially. I along with other people living in Detroit are thankful for their efforts (though I would not have called it Angels Night for obvious reasons).

As a practicing Witch, I do not shun the Devil's name, I am all about exalting it. I hold the Devil's name with high regard. The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, or whatever name the herd likes to refer to him nowadays is the ultimate outsider. He is an archetype of our collective unconscious and a much-needed one. Therefore it's time for those who follow the Left-Hand Path to take back The Devil's name from the Christians and to turn a negative into a positive. Petty vandalism is done by idiots who have nothing better to do but destroy the very neighborhoods they oftentimes live in. These are the Devil's Rejects and no real Devil would ever want to have anything to do with these losers. We all live by a social contract which means I will not cause undo, undeserving or unprovoked harm to my neighbor and he or she is expected to follow this contract as well. Therefore let it be known that anyone that engages in criminal activity on Devils Night is a criminal and should be dealt with by the local police department. Don’t do the crime if you cannot do the time.

Devils Night is the perfect time to celebrate the iconoclastic nature of The Devil. When I say iconoclastic I mean that part of him that philosophically attacks unchecked faulty belief systems and ideas that only feeble minds hold dear. This can be easily done in a ritual done in his honor. You can also have a celebration in his name. If there is one thing I have learned throughout the years, The Devil likes to have a good time. He gives the best parties and hangs out with the most alluring woman on the planet. He also attracts the best musicians and artists. Why not hold a dinner party and serve cocktails and devil's food cake to your guest during this time. I am sure the Devil being the carnal beast that he is would truly enjoy a party in his name.

So in closing, let it be known that I am all for kicking the Devil's Rejects out of the Devil's Den and declaring October 30thanother day the Devil can be proud of. Devils Night along with Samhain can now be seen as a two-day event that can be celebrated by everyone. If you want to use these days to perform magick and rituals why not. If you want to party on these days feel free, it is up to the individual.

Carpe Noctem: Enjoy the pleasures of the night. -MerlinRavenSong