The 13 Principles of LHP Witchcraft

(c) MerlinRavenSong

The 13 Principles of LHP Witchcraft

1. I live by the principles of Maat which are truth, justice, balance, harmony, order, and reciprocity.

2. Before you attempt to practice anything that is Super Natural you must first master the Super Rational.

3. I attune myself with the natural forces of Mother Nature which are seen and experienced by the phases of the sun and moon. These forces are also part of the seasonal quarter and cross-quarter days.

4. I believe in the regenerative forces in nature that are masculine, feminine, and beyond human experience and conception. This is best expressed in the symbol commonly known as Baphomet.

5. My goal is to rise above the current notions of what it means to be a homo sapien or modern human and to evolve to be a Super Sapien. This is done by the evolution and development of consciousness aided by technology, science, and magick.

6. The word occult means hidden. I am an occultist in the truest sense of the word. I am not an occultnick who trivializes it to the point where it loses true its meaning.

7. I spell magic with a K (magick) so that it is not confused with stage magic. Real magick has to do with causing a change in the real world by the force of the will.

8. The word SATAN means adversary or accuser. I reject the Christian interpretation of that word.

9. I believe in the SILVER RULE which is, Do unto others as they do unto you. The golden rule of the Christians is rejected here.

10. I do not support the harm of animals unless it is needed for food or conservation through hunting.

11. I recognize both the physical world and the metaphysical world of the collective unconscious. The interplay between both is the basis for the paranormal. The powers of magick are hidden in natural laws.

12. What people call God (or Goddess) is another word for Nature. In ancient Kemet these were the Neters. We are part of nature therefore we all are Gods and Goddesses having a human experience.

13. Nature is the great healer. The cure for most (if not all) human ailments can be found in nature.

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