I don't know who I am anymore. I mean , from my page, you would think that i have a good head on my shoulders and have everything figured out, but you all out there who really know me know that I am nothing but just one big yarn ball of issues. -Ciera Onya Jennings

I'm currently living in WA, helping my parents with their franchise, and trying to sort out school. Trying. I love learning, but college was a bad experience the last two years. -Aidan Elizabeth Kobeck

Full Moon Circle is for winners not losers. Our organization has been around for 15 years and we will be around a lot longer than that. We have no sympathy for children who criticize me or my organization and can't seem to keep their own life in order. Bad grades and emotional hangups are not what we're all about, we are productive members of society are enemies aren't. -Merlin

FMC's official response to allegations made against us

The video below is dedicated to Aidan Elizabeth Kobeck, Ciera Onya Jennings, and Terry Ernsting. May your life be filled with much sorrow and woe. -MerlinRavenSong