Full Moon Circle
WSU's Guide to Traditional Witchcraft, Magick and the Occult

*WINTER 2009*
Wayne State University's FULL MOON CIRCLE is a student organization which focuses on informing the community about the truth behind modern Witchcraft Neo-Paganism and the Occult within society today. We offer information, support, private readings, workshops and educational videos. Meetings are every Wednesday from 12:30 to 2:00 in the Student Center Building Room 283. If you wish to leave us a message, you can contact us at box #46 in the Student Center Building. You can also send us e-mail at this address: MerlinRavenSong@webtv.net. Our web-page is listed below.

Full Moon Circle: http://merlinravensong.com

Add us as a friend on MySpace:(http://myspace.com/merlinravensong)

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