~Giving thanks to the people who made this webpage possible~

"Nature is entirely neutral; she submits to him who most energetically and resolutely asssails her. She grants her rewards to the fittest, therefore, without regard to other considerations of any kind". -William G Summer

Full Moon Circle would like to thank the following people for making this webpage possible. Everyone mentioned below has in some way helped me in formulating my ideas regarding religion and philosophy that's expressed within FMC's webpage.

1) Stormy WindWalker, and all of my out of state friends that I've meet through her e-groups. (Twisted Witches,The Temple of Gaia and Me and Gaia)

2) The Garden City League of Witches and everyone who were a part of the tuesday night meetings at Gundella's

3) Shimmera for giving me all those cool graphics that I 've used for my webpages

4)Dracc gifs for teaching me how to build webpages .

5) Robert Thibodeau for allowing me to show his video tapes during the Full Moon Circle meetings.

7) Hathors Realm for the beautiful picture of MAAT that's on my webpage

8) Professor Azar of Henry Ford Community Collage for teaching me how to think for my self and to not be a brain washed sheep who believes everything that's written down in these so called Holy books

9) Professor Secrest my comparative religion teacher at Henry Ford Community Collage.

10) The ACLU, AREN, WARD, WLPA, and the many groups who continue to fight for our right to freely express our religious beliefs.

11) Witch Way Grapics, for the use of there Pics.

12) A special thanks to my coven The Circle of Wonderous Stories.

The middle finger salute goes out to Lothynagul & Phoenix_Nytengale who attempted to destroy our organization. There vain efforts to attack us have only made us stronger. Full Moon Circle is NOT for losers. I have no interest in associating with people who can not figure out what religion they are truly or who criticize my beliefs and can't maintain a decent GPA. The TRUE magician controls the world around him or herself. We are a DRAMA FREE ORGANIZATION; if you don't like what you see GO PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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