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Separating the Sheep from the Goats

Separating the Sheep from the Goats by MerlinRavenSong )0(

I was born a WITCH and I will always be one. Most of the people I interact with are of like mind. Some are artists, guitar players, Witches, Satanists, Neo-Pagans and Dark Pagans, etc. There are others who capture my attention because they are doing something that I find interesting. Then there are others who waste my time, these are people I avoid being around. These are psychic vampires who drain you of time and resources. When I come across these individuals I use stratification to rid myself of them. A lot of times these individuals will pretend to be your friend but sooner or later they will expose themselves and their true intent will be made clear. This is where RATIONAL SELF INTEREST comes into practice. If you can not add something to my life why be in my life.

I’m an occultist not an occultnick and when I come across these people I never let them inside my personal space. The word occult only means hidden, this has to do with hidden knowledge to be specific. Occultnicks are people who think magic is the answer to all the problems in their lives. These people are often SPELL BEGGARS who want me to teach them a spell to achieve certain goals they are trying to reach. All they need to do is apply simple psychology and have a workable philosophy that will help them through any troubling times they may be having. Yes! The tarot can help but the cards will only tell them (symbolically) what any psychologist would. Now there are some Witches who have a wicked sense of humor and the best example of this is Love Potion Number 9. We all know the story of the average guy who tries to get a woman way out of his league to fall in love with him. When she is given the love potion she falls madly in love with him and wants to control his life completely. The love potion worked but it drove his love interest crazy. One can only imagine what would happen if he is caught with another woman. The love potion only cost a couple of dollars, some renderings of the story say he only paid a nickel for the potion. The kicker is when the guy gets tired of his love victim and wants an antidote. The antidote is of course will cost him thousands of dollars. The lesson to this story is BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR YOU MAY GET IT. The 1967 movie Bedazzled also features a guy who is trying to win over a woman who is out in his league. He sells his soul to THE DEVIL in exchange for seven wishes. The moral to the story is the same and all awhile THE DEVIL, THE WITCH, or THE GYPSY (depending on what version of the story you’re reading or watching) teaches his or her client a harsh lesson. Spell beggars in particular should be glad I disassociate myself from them rather than try to educate them.

Also, people who are heaven-bent on trying to convert me are always avoided. These people are never welcomed to be around me because they serve no purpose whatsoever. STAY AWAY, STAY FAR AWAY is my motto. I have no respect and zero tolerance for anyone who tries to force their religion down my throat. There is a reason why certain traditional witches lived by themselves away from people. Goats do not require the company of sheep especially if those sheep are trying to convert them.

So in closing when you follow THE LEFT-HAND PATH. It is best to separate from others who do not have your best interest in mind. Stratification is a very useful tool that can keep psychic vampires spell beggars, occultnicks, and other undesirables from entering your life.

Nema: -MerlinRavenSong

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