Lincoln Park High School's Ban on Pentagrams

On monday March 22, 1999 Lincoln Park High School lifted it's ban on students wearing pentagrams to school. The ban was put into place to stop the rise in gang activity at the school. This was part of principal Thomas Kolka's attempt to rid the school of skinheads, goth rock, vampires and cults, but along with this this ban the pentagram and other religious symbols were singled out. Now an agreement has been reached an Crystal Seifferly can wear her pentagram at school and freely express her First Amendment right as a student. Read about the ban in the links below.

Full Moon Circle salutes Shaker and the Coven of Oak for Defending Crystal's right to wear her Pentagram at Lincoln Park High School.

The following message was sent to me from Shaker who described what happened the night when the Garden City League of Witches, and The Coven of Oak, spoke at a school board meeting in defense of Crystal.

"Well in a nut shell what happened that night, they had 2 News crews there, News 4 and Channel 50 News, and there was about 15 of us who attended that night and 5 members of Oak and then I Spoke at the podium to defend the Rights of Pagan's, Witch's Wiccans alike. I told the school board about our beliefs and how we stand on the rights of the wearing of the Pentacle. Then outside of the board room I was interviewed on camera by News 4 and again I explained to the public about our beliefs and where we stand."


Last but not least Full Moon Circle salutes The Witches Anti Discrimination League (now renamed Alterative Religious Education Network) and the Michigan chapter of the ACLU for their support in bringing an end to this problem.