The Witches Creed


"What the world needs is a good whipping". Anton LaVey from the movie Death Scenes

I never heard of krampusnacht until it was brought to my attention a few years ago. No one really knows the true origin of the Krampus but to me, it does not matter. What really matters is what the Krampus represents. The idea of a goat-like monster that terrorizes bad children warms my heart. It really should be the job of a parent to discipline an unruly child but more often than not this is not the case. Bad children are allowed to do whatever they want and without consequences. Parents let these little monsters have daily temper tantrums and do very little to discourage it. Letting this behavior go unchecked will result in some serious problems for these kids as they age. There are also BAD SEEDS out there and when they get older nothing changes. Some people are just born rotten and in time they will be judged by their own karma. If you think there is good in everyone, you have not met everyone. If you can stop a child from being a little shit NOW you can avoid having this person grow up to be an asshole in the future. If good children are being rewarded during Christmas time why not let the Krampus punish the bad ones. Don’t get me wrong I’m not advocating child abuse I’m just saying they should get their just rewards. Giving a child a good whipping is not child abuse. Let me repeat that again so that it sinks in. GIVING A CHILD A GOOD WHIPPING IS NOT CHILD ABUSE. Spare the rod spoil the child is what I remember hearing my parents and other parents say back in the day and they were right. It is unfortunate that so many new parents do not grasp this concept. If parents are not willing to discipline their unruly kids what is wrong with having a Krampus take them to his lair and give them a good scare.

December 5th is known as krampusnacht and for me and the people within my magical circle, we celebrate the return of The Krampus. If it takes a goat-like demon monster to scare these little brats into behaving themselves rather than causing trouble I am all for it. People forget that for adults Christians have a devil that will punish them if they do not act correctly. Hell, The Devil, Damnation, and the Lake of fire are what motivate some adults to be good. I find it interesting that the Christian Devil is often depicted as a goat-like monster. The Christian Devil is nothing more than the Krampus for adults.

On December 5th my magical circle conjures The Krampus Goat. We call him forth to punish all the naughty little delinquents so that their behavior can be corrected before they get older. This in no way harms the child because we view The Krampus as an entity that acts as a reflection of the Childs bad behavior. The Krampus is the child self-correcting alter ego let loose. In other words, if they act like a little monster a much bigger and scarier monster will visit them. In Europe Saint Nicholas is seen along with the Krampus but his job is to give gifts and reward the good children he encounters. As a Witch, I do not include St. Nicholas in my rituals or as part of my witch lore on krampusnacht. Why does a Witch need a Christian saint to reward his/her children for good behavior when the Witch can do this? As far as I am concerned well-behaved children get rewarded twice on December 5th and December 25th. Bad children get visited by The Krampus on December 5th.

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