Recommended Reading List 3

I have listed more books from my private book collection for those of you who are interested in what I'm reading and what members of FMC are reading. I have included books that you may or may not be aware of in your occult studies. I have purposely excluded the more well known books on the occult in favor of the lesser-known gems presented here. Some of these books are rare and some may be out of print but they all have one thing in common they are definitely worth reading. -MerlinRavenSong )0(

Witches are creatures of magic. They cast spells, heal, and foretell the future. What you might not know is that Witches can also commune with the spirits of the dead.

In The Witches' Book of the Dead, modern-day Salem Warlock Christian Day shows how the spirits of our beloved dead can be summoned to perform such tasks as helping you to discover hidden opportunities, influence the minds of others, seduce the object of your affection, and even reach into the dreams of the unwary. According to legend, the Spirits of the dead can confer magical talents, fame, love, and wealth on those brave enough to summon them.

The Witches' Book of the Dead explores the enduring relationship between witches and the dead and teaches rituals and incantations to help readers open doorways to the spirit world.

“This highly readable book will be valuable to every reader interested in Haitian Vodou, and essential for those who want to make the transition from intellectual knowledge to personal experience of a profound and unfairly neglected religion.”

—John Michael Greer, author of The New Encyclopedia of the Occult, A World Full of Gods, and The Druidry Handbook

Most books written on Witchcraft are by non-witches. They discuss Witchcraft not as it really is but as it has been defined by the Catholic and other Christian Churches. Many are blatantly deceptive or totally ignorant of the truth.

Dr. Leo Louis Martello writes about the roots of the Old Religion as practiced today by witches of many different traditions. He shows the differences between true Witches, Old Religionists, Pop Witches, Christian-defined Witches, and Satanists.

Witchcraft, or the Old Religion, is probably the only one that has not discriminated against women. In many branches, the Goddess is superior to the male God, in others they are equal.

Dr. Martello is an initiated Witch and elder in three other witch traditions besides his own. His views as both theorist and activist have often been controversial. He is the founder of the Witches Liberation Movement, director of WICA (Witches International Craft Associates), and the Witches Anti-Defamation League.

Dr. Martello believes that Witchcraft, the Old Religion, maybe the faith of the future. Sacred cows are being challenged. Old terms are being updated. Modern witches are fighting for their civil rights.

How to prevent psychic blackmail The philosophy of psychoselfism: sensible selfishness versus senseless self-sacrifice. This is an excellent book so much so that its influence can be seen in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible. LaVey definitely had this book in mind when he wrote the SB.

The Satanic Rituals was written by Anton LaVey in 1972. It is a collection of essays, observations and basic Satanic rituals, that outlines LaVey's Satanic ideology.

I. Lucifer: Exploring the Archetype and Origins of the Devil

Delve into the many aspects of the evolving archetype of Lucifer, from his multifaceted creation to his almost endearing charm on today’s world stage. Explore myths and legends of not only Satan but what Lucifer represents in our culture and the effects it has had over the centuries—from dogmatic repression of pagan beliefs to the fervor during the heights of the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s and 1990s. Examine the defense of old Nick by the Romantic writers and Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan, as well as literature and film’s role in redefining his ever-changing guise. Learn the aspects of his origins and see what has been borrowed from other faiths to shape our mental picture of the being known as The Devil. Suspend preconceived notions and look at the evolution of this mythic persona from its origin up to modern times. Find out if the Devil made you do it…

In this remarkable book, William Buhlman, author of the bestselling Adventures Beyond the Body, offers the reader a comprehensive guidebook to understanding and exploring the fascinating phenomenon of out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Learn how you can:

Explore your true spiritual self and attain profound transformation in your awareness and knowledge of the universe.

Gain life-changing benefits as you break free from mental and physical limitations

Contact departed loved ones using OBEs to move beyond the current limited understanding of death.Filled with engrossing stories based on the testimonies of people from all over the world, and offering forty new, easy-to-understand techniques, The Secret of the Soul will prepare human beings everywhere for the next major leap in the evolution of consciousness.

Time travel is not just science fiction; it may actually be possible. Wolf draws on yoga and quantum physics to show that time is a flexible projection of mind. Cheating time, he says, is an ancient metaphysical idea from the Vedas having to do with moving through meditation to a place where time stands still.

Undiluted forbidden knowledge of seduction and manipulation written by Anton Lavey. It was renamed The Satanic Witch later on. Pictured here is the original cover when it was first published.

The spirits of Harriet Tubman, John Brown, and other heroes of the Underground Railroad guide readers on a magical path to healing, empowerment, and liberation.

The historical role that magic and soothsaying played in the Underground Railroad has long been ignored out of fear it might diminish the legacy of Harriet Tubman and other heroes of that time. However, Harriet Tubman was a Conjure woman who relied on her dreams and visionary experiences to lead her followers to freedom. Revered as “Mama Moses,” she, along with John Brown, Mary Ellen Pleasant, and others have been venerated since their deaths. They now have emerged in the 21st century as the pantheon of a new and increasingly popular African-Diaspora tradition.

Written by Witchdoctor Utu, founder of the Niagara Voodoo Shrine, this is the first book devoted to the spiritual and magical tradition of the Underground Railroad. In it, the author conjures the spirits of the Underground Railroad, their continued connection to each other, and their “tracks” still leading to freedom from obstacles, bondage, and trouble and tribulations of all kinds. It is a spiritual tradition that is broadly accessible and inclusive, much like the historical Underground Railroad itself, whose participants were black, white, and Native American, male and female, Christians, Jews, Quakers, animists, secret devotees of forbidden African religions, and free thinkers of all kinds.

This revelatory book teaches readers how to invoke the blessings of Mama Moses and her followers, access their healing inspiration and magic powers, and seek their own path to freedom.

The Devil's Avenger: A Biography of Anton Szandor LaVey

This is the first edition of this paperback and yes it is hard to find. If you are able to get your hands on this book rest assured that you have just added a rare jewel to your diabolical collection. This is an early biography of Lavey and a must-read for anyone interested in the history of the Church of Satan

"The conscience of the world is so guilty that it always assumes that people who investigate heresies must be heretics; just as if a doctor who studies leprosy must be a leper. Indeed, it is only recently that science has been allowed to study anything without reproach". -Aleister Crowley