"And he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats. And he shall set the sheep on his right, but the goats on his left".

Matthew 25: 32-33

I have listed below answers to some of the frequently asked questions people have asked me regarding The Craft, and Full Moon Circle.

Love is the Law: Merlin

Q. Do you believe in God?

A). I believe in EARTH, AIR, FIRE AND WATER, I follow the laws of nature not the dictates of a bible written thousands of years ago and is no longer relevant to the modern social animal. God is another word for nature as far as I'm concerned. It's an evolutionary force of enthropy inherent in all living things. This force permeates all nature it's the primal drive for survival, a reservoir of power that Witches have the power to tap into. It's the dark hidden force in nature its self. The one thing Christians fail to realize is the fact that we have historically created "god" in our own image. Anytime you have an all powerful god that can basically do whatever he or she pleases and can alter your perceptions of what good and evil are based on what this "god" says theres something WRONG. We should stop and take a good look at the people who worship this kind of "god". What there really doing is projecting an image of themselves upon this so called "god". These people believe they have all the answers and this is a huge mistake on their part.

Q). Why do you think Christians reject your ideas.

A). The strange thing is their actions speak differently than their words. Christians and Non-Christians have a history of creating Gods in their own image. If you go to a black church you will notice that African American Christians have a Black Jesus in their church, White Christians have a blond haired blue eyed Caucasian Christ in their church. Isn't this the same person? What's up with that? These people in essence end up creating God (Jesus) in their own image. The same is true of the Buddha. If you see pictures of him in China he has Asian features even though he was born in India.

Q). What about The Devil. Do you believe he exists?

A). Yes just look in the mirror, I believe he's inside us all just like that song by INXS: "The devil inside The devil inside Every single one of us the devil inside"

The Devil looks just like me an you because we created him in our image just like we did god. I DO NOT however believe in the Christian interpretation of him. Keep in mind that the word SATAN means Adversary and that is not really an evil thing to be. In the bible the reason LUCIFER was kicked out of heaven was because he was a freethinker. Many Christians don't believe that angles have freewill. LUCIFER was the first mutant angle to speak up an question things because he had freewill. He was too ambitious to be in heaven because he wanted to be a GOD himself. Ask yourself is ambition evil??? If there really was a Garden of Eden you have to ask yourself, why was Man (and Woman) thrown out of heaven when they ate of the apple of the knowledge of good and evil? Was it because it posed a threat to God? Was it because it opened up a wide realm of possibilities not yet discovered??? Eating the apple was a GOOD thing. If you want to meet The Devil look in the mirror he/she represents the best that is within man/woman.

To the unenlightened (and the easily misguided and brainwashed) SATAN is the ultimate power of evil in the universe, this is purely a Christian concept. He is very much like the God Prometheus who gives man knowledge and wisdom when the other Gods wouldn't. He's the ultimate tempter, trickster, and a instrument of CHANGE. If you want to know why Christians really hate the Devil it's not because he is the farther of lies, it's because he has this nasty habit of telling the TRUTH an uncovering the lies put forth by the so called "righteous people" who think they own a copyright on what is GOOD and EVIL. Milton in his book 'Paradise Lost' portrayed Satan as the accuser, the adversary, and the rebel and that's how I choose to see him as. I reject the mickey mouse interpretation Christians give him

Q). Are you saying that he's not evil?

A). For the most part "GOOD and EVIL" are concepts used by those who lack real esoteric knowledge. In the east they believe in ignorance and illumination. Every action has a re-action it's as simple as that. If you go around being a nasty person all your life your gonna get nastiness back, and that has more to do with logic than karma. For me it's easy to explain the definition of GOOD and EVIL; GOOD is what you like and EVIL is what you don't like. PERIOD

Q). Do you believe in one God who's all good and one who's all evil?

A). NO because most Christians tend to define themselves as monotheists, but practice polytheism. They split God up into three beings. The Father the Son and the Holy spirit. When Christians do this their still called monotheist but when Pagans and Witches say they believe in the Maiden, Mother and Crone we're called Polytheist but we don't mind this label THEY DO. The Christians however THINK their monotheist but are not. 1+1+1=3 and anyone with basic math skills knows this is true. The Father the Son and the Holy spirit are three different beings. Note: They offer basic math classes at Wayne State (http://wayne.edu) The Muslims on the other hand are true monotheist because they believe in ONE GOD and they don't play games with trying to slice him up in to three separate beings.

Q) Is Satan the opposite of God?

Christian's think of Satan as being the opposite of God, but creation cannot be divided against itself. If The Devil, Satan, the guy with the red horns or what ever you want to call him really does exists, then God exists. If God created Satan, then God and Satan are the same being. How can you create something if it's not a manifestation of your own WILL??? How can you build a house if you don't have the knowledge of how to build it? You have to build the house on the basic concept of what a house is right.

If God has knowledge of "evil" then God is both good and evil. If God created hell, he or she would have to know about eternal torment, therefore God is tormented. If God created humans, and humans are imperfect, then "God is imperfect".

Q) Can you give us an example?

If I claim I am a perfect computer programmer, and I make a program that's imperfect then I am not a perfect computer programmer. God and the Devil are the same being, "The All is one". If you think I'm making this up please refer to Isaiah 45:7,

"I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I THE LORD do all these things."

In the east they have a good understanding of this that's why they use the Yin and Yang symbol. GOD is SATAN and SATAN is GOD, but for me I follow the ways of nature, EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER and the force that is within us all.

Q).Do you follow any creation myths like the story of Adam and Eve?

A). No. The reason is because these myths function on a whole different level than what some people may think. They speak of Metaphysical truths and they try and teach us metaphorically not historically. When I think of the creation of man and woman I tend to agree with Charles Darwin.

Q). Many people who believe that Magick, Witchcraft and Psychic phenomena isn't real tend to point to the fact that no one predicted the events of 911. Why wasn't anyone one within the magickal community able predict this?

A). That's a good question. There were people around who did pick up on the attacks. A couple of days after 911 there was a lady on the news who said that one of her friends told someone not to go to work that day because she felt something bad was going to happen. Guess what , after the attacks her house was ransacked by the FBI and no one knows were she is.

Also, I met a lady who did a ritual and a divination for the year 2001 and the three last cards that were drawn from her Tarot deck were The Tower, The Devil, and Death. I'm sure that there were other people who felt things also but like any good investigator I would like to see some documented evidence as well.

Q). You mention on your webpage that FMC isn't new age or a fluffy bunny organization. What do you mean by this statement?

A). There seems to be a movement in The Craft and in Paganism to make ourselves look a little too "goodie-two-shoes" for the Christians and the public. It's gotten to the point were If you dress in all black and look too "Goth" or "Spooky" You're considered as being on the fringe and not really apart of the "Magickal Community". We must keep in mind that 99% of The Christians and the public at large are going to think we're baby eating devil worshipers no matter what we say. Their opinion only matters when they try and take away our rites as American citizens. People tend to forget that not all witches are wiccan and a The Craft doesn't have to be a religion. I'm a through back to the Classical Old World or Traditional Witch, we are the green faced witches who walked the earth fearlessly and separated ourself from mainstream society.

Q). Why do you and members of FMC set your altars in the west.

A). BECAUSE WE CAN. Many ancestor altars are placed in the west because within some traditions the west is associated with the dead. Traditional Witches along with Classical Witches have always communicated with the spirits of our departed ancestors. I was told once by a girl named Terry Ernsting that the west was inhabited by unfriendly spirits and that's why most Native Americans do not place their altars in the west. We view this kind of nonsense as nothing more than new age white light foolishness and I have not seen any kind of real support for this argument. I do know that the Catholic Church places their altars in the east and I believe that deep down inside she still clings to her Catholic upbringing; hopefully she will find her place back inside a church rather than attempting poison others with her unsupported claims. Native Americans respect their ancestors they're not afraid of them. The Native Americans I know think nothing of this and when I ask them about this they have no idea what she is referring to. I'm sure if I were to trace her nationality I would find that the only contribution her people ever gave to Native Americans was the spread of polio. I have Native American blood in me and the last thing I need is to have some child dictate to me how I set up my altar.

Q). Most Witches do not use the term Black Magick to describe the kind of Magick they perform why do you use it to describe some of the magick you use

A).Well one of the reasons I use the term is because it pisses of the white lighters.Contrary to popular belief there are many different kinds of magick and Black Magick is just one of many different ways of using magick to cause change within the real world around us. Black Magick is Magick that does not follow a Wiccan Reed and does not have to be approved by any God or Goddess. It is Magick without the dogma that goes hand to hand with many religious beliefs. For Traditional Witches true magic is not based on a moral code it is not good or evil because those are subjective terms. No one in their right mind places moral values on electricity and if they do they are wrong in doing so. Real Magick is beyond good and evil it is what it is. Black Magic has it's roots firmly placed in the left hand path and has to do with the will of the magician not the Gods.

Q). Some of your former members claim you never taught them any magick when you ran FMC at WSU

A).I have plenty of members who will disagree with what they say about me. The people you are referring to are occultnics not occultists. I did a spell for one of our former members (Aidan Kobeck) to help her get better grades that semester and she for whatever reason didn't study for her finals. I got an 'A' that semester she got a 'C' in a class she claimed she was good at. Real occultists will not only cast a spell to achieve things in the real world they will also work hard in the real world to aid them with any magick they are performing at the time. We don't waste our time with losers and spell-beggars who can't accomplish things on their own in the real world.

Q). Do you have any last words you would like to leave us with before you go?

A). Yes, real magick is based on the success of the magician. It's all about producing the goods in the real world. Most of my distractors live meaningless pitiful lives and have nothing to show for their so called magical ability. My Magick is firmly based on merit not mysticism and is in rooted in the pragmatic approach to the occult. If you can't produce tangible results in the REAL WORLD then all your doing is fooling yourself.

Caveat Emptor: -Merlin

Hail Maat, Hail Freedom, Hail Change! The All is One

"God is Satan deep below, Satan is God high above In the end it's all the same Who are we to play their game We are 9, 9 we are all 9 we are 9 we are all 9"....King Diamond 9