"Anyone who says we must try to understand those who make life miserable for those undeserving of misery is abiding and abetting a social cancer". Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible

The Inverted Cross

I do not subscribe to any religion, I'm an LHP WITCH and I'm a Pantheist. I believe God is another name for Nature, this is why the symbol for Pantheism is the spiral which by the way is seen all across nature. We live in a spiral called the milky way galaxy. The spiral is the cosmic glue that holds us all together. The Pentagram is also a powerful image that sums up my belief in nature as well. The five-pointed star that represents EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER, and SPIRIT is another symbol that reflects my philosophy as well. I tend to use the inverted pentagram because it is associated with those of us who follow the LEFT-HAND PATH whereas the upright pentagram is those who follow the RIGHT-HAND PATH.

There is another symbol I have begun using and that symbol is the inverted cross. The bible says that Peter wanted to be crucified upside down because he wasn't worthy to be crucified the same way Jesus Christ was. I however use the inverted cross to symbolize my rejection of Fundamentalist Christianity in particular. Everyone has the right to believe in whatever religion that best fits who they are. The problem arises when one religion tries to force its beliefs on other people. Fundamentalist Christians (not all Christians) are notorious for this. This is why I'm against them and fight against their ideas by any legal means necessary, My reasoning for this is listed below.

1. I reject any religion that claims to have a patent on God. Fundamentalists believe if you don't believe in the God of the bible you are damned to Hell. This is the philosophy of someone still living in the dark ages and I separate myself entirely from people who think like this.

2. I reject any religion that is against the LGBTQ community. The Fundamentalists have always been against this community and they base their ideas on an outdated book that they claim to be the word of God but in truth, it's the words of a cosmic dictator.

3. I reject any religion that infringes on the civil rights of people of color. A good example of this is their (the Fundamentalist) stance against groups like Black Lives Matter. They are against BLM and I'm against them as well.

4. I reject any religion that is not pro-choice and wishes to put an end to a woman's right to choose.

5. I reject any religion that attempts to create a theocracy. Governments should be ruled by the people and not by an imaginary God or dictator.

6. I reject any religion that ignores science and tries to introduce ideas like creationism in public education.

7. I reject any religion that tries to pressure its followers to attend church during a major pandemic. You can tithe at home now you don't have to attend a physical church during a health crisis.

8. I reject any religion that has a history of exploiting, enslaving, or killing people of other cultures and religious beliefs.

9. I reject any religion that is against same-sex marriage. Marriage should be the right of consenting adults who love one another. It should not be made illegal or discriminated against by Fundamentalists.

10. I reject any religion that is against the separation of church and state. Here in America, we live in a democracy, not a Theocracy. Any move towards a Theocracy would be very dangerous and would pull us in the wrong direction.

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