The New Full Moon Circle

Full Moon Circle

Greetings Everyone,

For those of you who watch my YouTube channel, visit me on Facebook or visit FMC's webpage you already know about the changes I've made to FULL MOON CIRCLE (FMC).

At one time FMC was one of the oldest occult student organization in Michigan. I enjoyed the time I had when I ran the organization at WSU but in 2008 I left WSU and I took FMC with me. Some of us still got together to do rituals but I soon realized I had to run the organization differently than I ran it in the past. When we were at Wayne we could invite the public to our meetings and rituals but you can't do this when your meeting at peoples private homes. It is not a good idea to invite people you barely know into your home for rituals. With this in mind FMC began to only circle with people we knew and trusted. This for the most part is how I run FMC now.

We experimented with offering memberships to people outside of Michigan. Basically FMC had three kinds of members. Members who were close friends that I circled with privately, members who lived out of state, and members who where active members who wanted to meet with me privately for rituals and spiritual guidance. This was open to everyone regardless were they lived.

As time went on I realized there was an even better way to run FMC. With the advancement of the internet through social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Blogtalk Radio and Ning you can network with people all across the planet. Some of these sites even have video conferencing where you can interact with people in real time. With that in mind I decided to turn FMC into a multimedia machine dedicated to informing the public about modern day witchcraft and the occult.

People like Bluefire Witch, and Tiptoe Chick have thousands of subscribers on YouTube and there are others who have created social networks of there own and also have thousands of subscribers along with nightly video chats. This is the direction I what FMC to go into now. There will always be a small group of us who will meet up for rituals but this is no longer open up to the general public it is by invitation only.

So what does active membership to Full Moon Circle mean now??? If you have joined this list as an active member of FMC I still consider you an active member. The only thing that's changed is who ever interacts with me regularly through any of the social networks I'm on I consider them to be an active member. So in other words we function more like a multimedia machine than an organization and believe me I have come into contact with far more people this way than I ever did when I was running FMC at WSU.

Those of you who wish to help move FMC forward I would certainly appreciate it. If you write books about occult subjects and wish to have your books featured on my page feel free to contact me. If you make videos centered around Witchcraft and the occult and want me to feature your videos on my page feel free to contact me. At the moment both TipToe Chick and Crafty Witch have pages dedicated to them on my website. We also have FMC models who help out on my page as well. Full Moon Circle is user driven so the more you put into it the more you get out of it.

I look forward to networking with each and everyone one of you in the near future. Lets make FMC one of the best occult multimedia websites there is.

Love is the Law: -MerlinRavenSong )0(