Tarot Card Readings by MerlinRavenSong)O(

Tarot Readings by MerlinRavenSong )0(

"Just so, one may deduce from the examination of a position on a chessboard what line of play brought it about. One could not be absolutely sure; the pieces might have been set up by a madman; but granted that the position is intelligible, the laws of probability make it as certain as anything can be that it arose in a certain way. Now in considering one's life one has more material for investigation than a single position; one has a series of successive positions. Intelligent inquiry ought to be able to deduce not only the unknown past, but the unknown future. We have no hesitation in reconstructing the boyhood of Swinbrne -- presuming the absence of direct information -- from his works. His poetry proclaims that he studied classics sympathetically and profoundly, that he was influenced by pantheistic, anti-clerical and republican friends, and so on". -Aleister Crowley

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