Todd Richardson


Like so many other guitar players Todd started playing guitar seriously at the age of sixteen. He started listing to rock guitar players of the late 60's but soon progressed to Jazz and later Classical. When he attended collage at HFCC his Jazz Improvisation teacher introduced him to the great Jazz Instrumentalists like Charlie Parker, John Coltrain and Miles. They weren't guitar players but they had a profound effect on how he approached music.

He started to listen to neo classical guitar music of Yngwie Malmsteen and Vinnie Moore during the 80's and it was though them that he started to listen to J.S Bach and Paganini. Todd later became interested in the 20th Century classical composers like Bartok, and Stravinski. He also began to study the music of Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega and Andres Segovia . Todd is currently pursuing a degree in music at WSU.