~In Remembrance of Veronica Ann Kuclo-Raub and her mother Gundella~

Gundella the Green Witch of Detroit

Veronica Kuclo-Raub the daughter of The Green Witch Gundella

Gundella and Roni

In the late 90s I had the pleasure of studying and exploring Witchcraft with Roni (Veronica Kuclo-Raub) the daughter of The Green Witch Gundella. Roni opened a small occult shop named after her mother it was called Gundellas Witch Ways and Wares. This shop hosted a group of Witches that was known as the Garden City League of Witches. I attended their weekly meetings and workshops and learned a great deal about The Craft that you will not find in any book. Ronis mother Gundella was a well-known Traditional Green Witch from Michigan and was able to trace her family roots back to Scotland. Gundella wrote two books that are worth mentioning here. The first is book Michigan Haunts and Hauntings and the second one was titled The Werewolf of Grosse Pointe. For those of you who are interested in these books they are not usually found in the occult section of your local bookstore if you live here in Michigan. You can however find them shelved along with books dealing with Michigan history. Gundella also has an album and CD called The Hour of the Witch. The CD is still imprint and available to anyone who wishes a copy through Amazon. So who was Gundella? Gundella was a local Witch from Michigan well known for her storytelling and her many media appearances. Many of these appearances and lectures were given around Halloween time. Although I never got a chance to meet her personally I did get a chance to learn about her through her daughter Roni.

One of the many things Roni told me is she along with her mom would paint themselves green when they were doing rituals in the woods. The green paint was used to camouflage themselves in order to hide their identity. Roni told me that her band of Witchcraft was much older than what we see today. Although her shop carried most of the modern books on Witchcraft and the occult her approach was from a much older tradition. Before Roni died she let me borrow one of her books on The Craft and it was more of a history book than a book on spells and magic. It was a collection of Witch lore and practices during the middle ages. I regret that I’m not able to recall the title here but if you are willing to study the pre Christian spiritual practices of Scotland you should know and understand much of what was written in this book.

Unfortunately Ronis life came to a tragic end Halloween night 1999. Roni and her husband gave a public Halloween party which I attended but later that night she was brutally murdered by her husband over a domestic dispute. I will always cherish the many things I learned from Roni and The Garden City League of Witches. I will also cherish the many things I have learned reading the published books and CD by Gundalla. These books are a part of Michigan history and hopefully they will never go out of print. I will always remember Roni and Gundella, they both played an important part in my development as a young Witch living in the heart of the Motor City.

Love is the Law: -MerlinRavenSong )0(