Crafty Wytch's Page

Crafty Wytch's Page


One of the best YouTube Vlogs for learning about Witchcraft and magick can be found at Craft Wytch's page. Her page offers a great resource for those of you who wish to learn more about the craft and we here at Full Moon Circle are honored to have the opportunity to post her videos here. I've posted a few of my favorite videos of her and will be posting more soon so feel free to visit this page often for updates. We thank Crafty Wytch for giving us an opportunity to feature her videos here. I know that we will all benefit from the many lessons she has to teach us.

For those of you who visit her on YouTube please be advised that hatred of any kind towards anyone will not be tolerated on her channel/videos. Hateful comments will be deleted and those users will be blocked. All people who come in peace are welcome, regardless of their religious/spiritual paths, sexuality, race/ethnicity, gender, education/income levels etc. Discrimination of any kind is not acceptable.

Here is a small collection of recipes for 4 Thieves Vinegar/Oil. Not all vinegar recipes are edible. Use common sense, when in doubt, research it. If you are pregnant/nursing mom, please stay away from the wormwood recipes and research the others. 4 Thieves is a great anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral 'potion' to have around, particularly during cold/flu season. Use as a disinfectant around the home (cupboards, counter tops, door knobs, floor washes etc), hand wash, body wash etc. It's also great for spiritual/psychic protection.

The oils can be used in a vaporizer/diffuse for about 15 mins. Light skinned people (particularly blondes/red heads), ppl with sensitive skin, allergies, be cautious of using the oil as irritation may occur (particular in oil recipes containing cinnamon/cloves). Again, when in doubt, research.

A discussion on 'familiars' how the term came about and modern day meanings for it. Just my opinion on the topic.

Brief sampling of herbs/resins I use more often. By no means is this a complete list.

How we gather graveyard dirt and what we use it for.

Working with snake energy

Discussion on Ouija Boards/Spirit Boards, how to cleanse and seal them with protection etc.

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